PC Users Urged To Do This Today…

Is your computer infected or running slow?


We investigate a free system which has been reported to speed up consumers PC’s and save people thousands in computer repair costs!

By John Sanderson, Digital Tech Savings – Windows Technician John Sanderson investigates a free system that has gone viral in New Zealand.

If you live in NZ and have a windows computer that is older than 6 months old, or just not running how you would like it, then this may be the most exciting article you ever read.

Thousands of people across NZ are rushing to get their hands on the latest system that is speeding up computers and protecting them from malware in minutes.

Experts are now calling it “The Scanguard System.”

An elite team of Certified Microsoft Developers believe they have the perfect solution that can keep your PC running as good as new for years to come.

They’ve built software that operates using a unique algorithm to scan your system. First, it identifies and blocks any malicious threats hiding anywhere on your computer, then it locates redundant files and clogged up memory, removing the hidden files that make your PC run slow.

Anyone can use it, and it takes 5 minutes to setup. The best thing about the software is they are giving it away completely free.


Director Gerry Garcia, from Scanguard, explains; “Our main objective for creating the application was simple. We wanted to stop people having to buy new computer’s every year or two, with the right care these systems can last for years.”

He continues, “People already love the system. Our plan is to give as many licenses away for free so that it goes viral. At the same time we feel good knowing that we are protecting home computers, as well as making things faster for our customers.”

Sound too good to be true? One user we spoke to said, “Browsing the web used to be frustrating as my computer took what seemed like an eternity to load. After I used Scanguard, it detected some adware which it removed and it now loads in seconds.

So how so I claim my free copy?

Scanguard™ are offering the software free until 29th November 2019. We advise you to claim your copy now.


Visit The Official ScanGuard™ Website Here To Claim Your Free Copy.