*All Hard Drives Crash Within Their Lifetime*

It’s a known fact that all computers will encounter a hard disk drive failure within its lifetime…

This is prone to occur when a hard disk drive malfunctions and the stored information cannot be accessed with a properly configured computer. A disk failure may occur at any given time, this could be during the course of a normal operation, external damage (such as fire, water or coffee!!) and even a deadly virus or Trojan.

I’m sure that like most others you rely heavily on keeping your personal files, documents, photos, music, videos and more stored on your computer… But, did you know It only takes 1 random hard drive crash for you to lose everything!

We are urging all active internet users like yourself to take action and prepare for the worstimmediately. I’m sure you can only imagine the heartache you would experience should you suddenly find your home , laptop or tablet broken, lost or stolen having lost everything!


“Everyone has insurance for their home, contents and car however what happens if your laptop is stolen?”

Sure, you may get a nice shiny new one but wait… What happened to all of the photos from last summer’s vacation? That important power point presentation you needed for Monday?

Or …

Your daughter’s course work? That’s right, it’s gone for good… That’s until now where you can safeguard yourself and plan ahead!

I maybe like you and had never considered this in the past but I’ll tell you this for a fact, it’s better to plan ahead and backup now than experience the amount of sweat and tears you will have on your hands should a tragedy happen like this. It’s devastating, trust me… I’ve been there!

Since losing personal data myself I set out to find a solution that would not only allow me to backup my but also have the ability to access files anywhere, sync and share documents / photos with friends and family and even access on my mobile cell phone!

I came across YesBackup, a software that runs silently in the background automatically backing up precious files & documents. Not only does YesBackup secure and protect your files, it also allows you to keep your device free from large files that effect your computers performance.